26 August 2010

the still incomplete puzzle

here are the other pieces of puzzles I found in the small corner of Singapore, Haji Lane

it tells you there is only one way to dig your treasure..
walk down the street
this is the first store that catch my attention!
so there is another "this way" to go nearer to your treasure!
the only photo I took inside the shop, as camera is actually not allowed :( but the shop is really really GORGEOUS!
we didn't get anything from this shop anyway!

then we walked down the street and snapped these
I bet you all have known them Jocelyn and her sister, Sherrilyn

then we suddenly saw a little super tiny shop with tons of shoes!
my heart said: "must go in now"
so I follow what my heart say and I was totally amazed with what I see once I open the door

the shoes that really make me eyegasmic with their colour and design!
just so in love with them!
fyi, they are not retail for more than $50.

and there is this written on the wall
I think its just so true! pretty design with reasonable prices.. why not?

their rings!

but I really didn't get anything for myself as I was not really in the mood that time. especially its raining that time and so hard to cross the road to the opposite site store!
so we walked a lil bit and ended up in this store called FRIENDS!
see that green green boots? I am loving it now!
stop calling stop calling!
this is the retro 80's corner!
how if this thing type by itself at the nite? ho-oh!
and here is the owner of the shop!
My friend keep saying that she is so pretty!

then after the rain stop, we should went back already but I didn't miss my chance to take picture in this so called "blogshop"
notice the hand?
the dress are just so gorgeous but we got no time to step in anymore!

so here we go, the incomplete puzzle of Haji Lane,
I promise one day I will be there again, to know more about you, dig more treasure about you and tell the world about you

from me with love, Haji Lane


Rainbow on Earth!

little piece of Haji Lane!

as Claradevi asked me not to post about Haji Lane until she visits it by herself,
I am just so kind enough to postpone everything until October!

these shoes are goddamn cute and they are just retail for $46 isn't that a great deal?
should let you have eyegasmic with their items

let's wait!


24 August 2010

Long Live Longchamp

candid photos taken all around Orchard, Marina Bay, and Bugis

"Le Pliage"

see how Singaporeans addicted to Longchamp!

check my blog out soon as Haji Lane is coming out soon!

20 August 2010

seductive sixteen

Today, the 20th of August,
is a BIG DAY for this sexy babe from Tiffany's Record and Shutterclick and High heels!
as she is turning 16!

best of lucks to her!
all the best for her in this upcoming year and her future study in Singapore!
so you might see her in my blog more often then! isn't that great?
stay gorgeous, stylish and AWESOME babe!

last but not least, once again, happy birthday to dear awesome kid!
Tiffany Chantelle William Jo



18 August 2010


today was just a TOTAL AWW-SOME!
when the rest in Indo are having holiday, I was forced to face 4 tests in a day! hectic? YEAH!

after all of that frustating stuff, I headed to Plaza Singapura to meet Sherrilyn and her sister, Jocelyn
and after meeting them, we went to Haji Lane! I was quite lame as I didn't know the way there! silly me! I needed to text and call Fheney first as I could get there


and for Indonesia,
I am just so proud to be Indonesian!
no matter what, although sometimes there is something bad happening to my country and bad rumour all around! people talk about how small is our currency and everything bad about our country
but lets see the positive point of our country!

1. Our country is world largest palm oil producer now. Isn't that just so awesome?
2. Our country is the biggest archipelago all over the world!
3. We got tons of FAMOUS BLOGGERS! like Marla from the versicle , Michelle Koesnadi from glisters and blisters , little wonder Evita Nuh from the creme de la crop

and I just hope that in this 65 years of journey, Indonesia will become better and better country with less corruption, less tobacco consuming, less deforestation, less economy crisis and etc!

Just pray for the best everyone!
once again, Happy Independence Day!
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Indonesia, my home, where I belong, no matter how far I travel, its still my home

14 August 2010

Parts of Me

Hey people out there!
so it was my birthday 4 days ago!
but as I am going back to SG on my birthday, best buddies of mine celebrate it on the 9th which is Singapore's National Day!

so it was early in the morning around 9am, Sherrilyn came and fetch me then we went to Jeffry's house and kidnapped him.
then we headed to Hok Seng as I have been craving for it so badly! Nonie couldn't join as she got tuition that morning so it ended up only three of us.
but the suddenly, when we finished our breakfast, we stepped out the place and I saw Nonie was out there waiting with the cakes! OMG! I was so surprised!
the next destination was sun plaza as we wanted to have NEON PRINTS! because it was just 10 am in the morning, there was no one there besides the workers, so we could laugh as loud as we want do all the things we want!
strong huh?
and we headed sun again in the afternoon for red mango
know what is he doing? checking all the girls in Nonie's phone!
as we were so bored after the neon prints, we walked down to the Lower Ground and tried the sour sally + ate my birthday cakes!
amazing rite?
I just love how the way of the clover's worker write my name! I find it so pretty

and the day before, all of us without Jeffry but with Sherrilyn's younger sister, Jocelyn, we went to wasabi nami for super late dinner!
and our favorite dish there is this!
the salmon skin! we finished like 6 plates of this in few minutes time!

so, is it true that "true friends walk in when the world walk out?"

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13 August 2010


Got this vintage Rolleicord camera from my grandpa as my birthday present.
Feel really good to be back home to spend my birthday, surrounded by everyone who heart me so much, sometimes the best things are just around us without us noticing!


perhaps, this is one of the post where you can see me! ;-)

11 August 2010

in progress!

Who am I? that's the secret I never tell!

featuring gracia ganda as blair waldorf and gladys ganda as jenny humphrey

check it out soon!

7 August 2010


Melissa Zino
Milan, Italy

1. If you could be any item of fashion, what would you love to be?

A bag without doubts. It’s the women’s world and it contains all her precious stuffs. It’s her best friend and it’s always with her during her days.

2. Describe your style in five words!

Eclectic, street- chic, thoughtful, sometime crazy, full of accessories.

3. Who is your favorite designer and why?

The three big brands I love more are Chanel for its great tradition, Balenciaga for its futuristic view of fashion and Alexander Wang, a real talented young designer. However, it’s a pleasure for me attending flea markets where I find some adorable vintage pieces and low-cost store like H&M, Topshop, F21 and U.O. I also love doing some online shopping.

4. You are the designer of the stuffs sold in abitofshopping right? Who inspire you in the design?

Yes, I also have a little online shop at www.abitofshopping.blogspot.com

My great source of inspiration is Chanel, my fav brand on earth. I try to revisit some icons of this maison, like the famous 2.55 bag, the classic pearls necklace or the tweed jacket. My creations are a unique pieces with a lot of applications like chains, beads, buttons, etc.

5. In this season, what is the thing that “a MUST” for you?

In this season there are a lot of MUST: clogs, floral prints and lace are the most important ones from my point of view. I don’t wear something just because is a MUST, but I think that every trend must be analyzed and modified according to your own personality and body shape.

6. As you got lots and lots of branded stuffs, does fashionable means by wearing branded stuffs?

I like branded stuffs, especially bags and shoes but I also like unknown clothes and accessories. I like mixing branded accessories and clothing with low-cost pieces to create a very personal and unique style.

7. What is your current fashion obsession?

My current fashion obsessions are two or three models of bags but I don’t want to reveal them because I’m planning to buy them and you’ll discover them on my blog, a surprise for all my readers.

8. Since when you start blogging? And what was the first thing that make you wanted to blog?

My blog was born in the 2009, November the 11th to be a kind of diary describing a journey into my world to discover my style, my creations, my personality and all that captures my attention in my every day life. I started blogging to share my style and compare my ideas with other fashion lovers. I also hope to enjoy my readers and always give them new and fresh ideas.

9. As my birthday is coming soon, what will you wish me? Thanks Melissa!

I wish you can realize all your dreams, with heart.