29 March 2010

the hectic life can't stop!

just to be fair to my younger sister since I rarely post up her pic!

tank top and bunny t-shirt ~ gingersnap, flower headband from movie world

hey people! look at my younger sister's t-shirt. It's a bunny made of colourful macarons and it have longer end on the left bottom and right bottom part compared to the center bottom. so cute rite?
 I feel in love with this tee on my first sight and I grabbed it as soon as possible since gingersnap in singapore only stock 3 pieces per design.

fyi, gingersnap in paragon have lot and lot of collection. their newest collection is the alice one

I have been playing and playing with bokeh effect and can't get enough of them!
btw, It has been busy and busy week since I have a lot and lot stack of homework to do, project to be done. some presentations and tests as well.

School have pissed me off with that lots of activities especially with the flag day community service that need us to go and ask for donation and that's a COMPULSORY during our weekend just to get that few CIP hours! + something I really hate! All the students from the whole school will be attending the cross country race and that need us to run like 2.8 km around the japanese/chinese garden which took 40 minutes mrt from redhill mrt? + I need to take bus like 15 minutes to reach redhill mrt IF there is no traffic in the early morning!

Hope those thing will passed soon :(
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24 March 2010

If you still want to see the green of earth

anyway, I got nothing to post since I am busy on designing the math booklet for school campaign to motivate student in doing math or something like that. Well, I find it kinda creepy. I mean how could a booklet actually motivate a student? but well, just do what we are asked to.
So I actually browsing through our photos during our last december trip to Australia and I came out with this photos that shows how lovely and pretty is the green grass. I mean seriously i sat on them, I laid on them without having that disgust feeling.

Aren't you aware that the green path in the earth is getting lesser and lesser? I am scared that my children couldn't even see those anymore. are you aware?

anyway, I just remember about the Earth Hour after I read piping verina's blog
so people I changed my background since michelle koesnadi tweeted that black background is using less energy power rather than the white one :) *anyway, white looks nicer, so I take back my words.
so DO SUPPORT EARTH HOUR, just simply turn off your light for an hour and our little support means a lot to our momma earth.

Have a great day guys!

22 March 2010

the one keep making me feel hungry

" the super delicious GUMARANG JAYA!"

"cashio afuk 88"

both located at jalan bridgen katamso, medan.

"mie lebong" the super famous hokkien mie in medan

and my favourite sate padang!
"sate padang triadi @ jalan bandar baru, medan"

"Medan ~ the heaven of foods"

for more information do visit
they write everything about medan cuisines (from fine dining to those roadside stalls foods)

*all pictures are credit to makanmana.net

18 March 2010

the bee does talk!

After knowing this pretty bee for a 11 months,
 I decided to interview the owner of GOWIGASA YAMADA SHOP (click to see their collections)

(and that's Elissa Yamada, the other gorgeous)

okay so here is the interview session with the fabolous JESSICA YAMADA :)

1. What is fashion according to you?

= Fashion is something we wear for ourselves, or for people who judge us by our cover.

2. What is the difference between fashionable items and the branded items?

= If it's price we're talking about, some people would look for fashionable-yet-still-affordable items and others would care for quality (or pride?) more. Well, branded items would guarantee the last ones for sure ;)

3. Do you think GOWIGASA will be an international online shop and what is the purpose of starting an online shop? do you find any risk in it?

= At first, me & El were just trying to clean up our closet; replacing some old stuffs with the new ones. We have done this at our apartment's yearly bazaar, however, we weren't invited last year LOL. So we thought, "Why not selling these clothes online? Sure we gotta learn some new stuffs, but worth the try right?" And so the story goes.. :) For the first chapters, GOWIGASA sold mostly second-handed goodies, so there were no risk involved. If things didn't work out, we could always donate these clothes.

I personally think that every online stores are actually globalized, depends on the market we're targeting. Currently we're still focused on targeting Indonesian market only :)

4. what is the "MUST" items in your wardrobes?

= Skirts. Cute skirts.

5. Tell me what are the things that you buy and you never feel regret of buying them?

= LOADS!!! Um, for example, i got these shirts from Forever21, SUPERDUPEREXTREMELYCHEAP and yet SODAMNMIXANDMATCHABLE! Hahaha.. IMO, we should never feel regret for buying anything. (btw, what is IMO, jessy?)

6. Who is the fashion icons for you?

= Summer from 500 days of herself, Dylan Sada, and of course my beloved Elissa Yamada. Without her i'd be wearing boring colors all of the time.
(now I am thinking of interviewing the pretty Elissa Yamada as well)

so thanks for the time Jessica Yamada,
for more information about her, do visit her facebook and twitter
and If you have questions for her, please go to her formspring as well :)

and a girl can dreams, can't she?


15 March 2010

who is Alice? I only know Red Riding Hood.

hoodie from Armani Exchange, Layer skirt from Bysi, and black mary-jane from SugarSugar.

"my heart not a toy for you to play with"

anyway, doobee doodee, my elder sister finally turned 16, somehow the age of being legal?

12 March 2010


"alice in waterland" by sugarock99

credit to the photographer

btw, do you love the chesire cat?
ahh that adorable cat sure make u fell in love with it :P



its CHESIRE CAT ring! don't you find it cute?
I just saw it from glisters and blisters by michelle koesnadi

and the good news is this ring is actually a giftaway from the superb fashionable and chic bloggers who called michelle :)

for your more information, simply click here!

and here is a little trailer of ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND!
launched on 4th of March in Singapore

9 March 2010

and now the mouth can't stop eating

Another few from the collection. Excuse me as they are my first clothes sketches as there might be some quite not proportionals area of the body, but everything was done in less than 3 x 24hrs time!


and this! i fell in love with this on the first sight!


containing: kiwis, strawberries, pudding, melon, sunkist, blueberry, yogurt, vanilla ice creams, corn flakes and banana with some syrups :)
from BENTEN cafe, iluma

That was HUGE! I MEAN HUGE! it was meant for 3 person but I managed to finish it!
Oh Gosh, I need to hit the gym soon!

2 March 2010

when my brain and hands work together

Hey guys,
here are some of the sketches that I sent to GoGirl! Magazine to participate in their competition at the end of January
but since I am not getting into their 6 finalists, I decided to show some of them for you guys!

I hope you like it!

the theme of my designs is INDONESIA THE LAND OF UNIQUE
since Indonesia has a lot of pretty fabrics and patterns
and without making those outfits look old and very traditional!


*copycatters have no manners