30 October 2010

Bagaholicboy's Giveaway #33-3!

The Greatest Giveaway this year round is here!
held by the famous Singapore blogger --> BAGAHOLICBOY from http://bagaholicboy.com
I don't know what to say bout the giveaway besides AMAZING! and I WANT! I WANT!

The BIG 3 bags! Loewe, MarcbyMarcJacobs and Mulberry for Target! :D
and the other 10!

 wish me luck for this super great giveaway!
*crossing fingers!

wish me all the best! :) I want and I want!
and happy blog-aniversarry to Bagaholicboy!

26 October 2010

Today Obsessions! Givenchy woke me up!

Reading MyManyBags just now and browsing through Givenchy site,
made me fall in love with Givenchy now!
talking bout the famous Nightingale and Pandora, I am more into Nightingale although I feel that Pandora is having such a unique shape and that's something cool!

so here are some of the bags and shoes I love!

1. Nightingale Biker Bag in Shiny Black Cowhide Leather
The slimmer and taller version of Nightingale and its using cowhide leather and I like this as the tall shape will sure looking good on me! oh yeah!

2. Nightingale in Black Calfskin
this nightingale is exactly the same for the woman just that this one is in black! the one in red is totally nice for the upcoming Christmas and CNY!

3. Nightingale Messenger/Hobo Bag in Black Calfskin
this actually look like my unbranded bag long long time ago but then, I could have this and get back my dejavu?

I think I should get another new bag asap! I need them so badly for Christmas and of course, for daily use!

credit image to Givenchy.com


School ends this week but extra curriculum classes starting next week so its like umm I need to stay for two more weeks before going back to Indo!
anyway, after watching eat.pray.love, I feel like going bali so much and of course Italy!
and I just know that I got Italy readers here! Love you guys!

Smile with your lips, smile with your brain, and smile with your liver - Ketut

23 October 2010

Today Obsessions! Hermes Bracelet!

Okay I am in love with Bracelet [again]
and this time round its from Herm├Ęs
 I bet everyone should know the famous Collier de Chien

and Kevin from MyManyBags just featured this on his blog and I fainted!
Imagine this Collier de Chien is now covered with full Leather! 
no more shiny shiny gold/silver plate 
yeah all leather and I have not spotted anyone in it yet! *so that's something so good! 

Image are from MyManyBags and Yeah! agree with him, I want the red one too!
that's just beyond gorgeous!
uh this is gonna be on my list too! I am aiming to get this for next birthday maybe? ;)

Okay, I am going to go to the Sentosa Halloween Party (shouldn't call it party, as Party with ghosts?) tomorrow with cousins and I am excited. gonna go with my black-orange outfit then!
we are so into Halloween now, from decorations to treats for next week party at home!


22 October 2010

Today Obsession! Bracelet and Bracelet

So today obsessions are from Balenciaga.
which I guess all of you have know which items that I like

1. Bracelet Classic Triple Tour in Royal Blue
retailing for US$195 from balenciaga online store
Isn't it lovely? oh GOD! I want it!

so the other type that I love is this!

2. Bracelet Classic in Black  
Retailing for US$195 as well, this is another love!
this one is thicker and I love it in black! OMG
how nice If I could just get all the things I want!


 mind to follow/link me?
 *the Christmas decoration is starting to rock Singapore, isn't it too early as Christmas is still in two months time!

20 October 2010

Today Obsession! Shoes and Shoes!

Another Obsessions of the Day!
Should add these in Christmas Presents' List!

Both are from Christian Louboutin!
Seriously I just couldn't get my eyes off these two loves! 

*ps, I am size 43 so in case anyone want to get me these!

1. Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato in Leopard!
retailing for US$945 from Christian Louboutin Official Online Store. but apparently they are only available for those residing in US. or maybe Singapore store will carry it. 
 seriously, who could resist this pretty pair of Loubs! the leopard are just so in trend and I am so in love with the high top model! so yay or nay? you decide! 

Mum, may I ? 

another great pair is this! 

2. Christian Louboutin Louis Men's Flat spikes!
This is another heart-throb that seriously get my heart fall for it! the spikes and the color are just so love! but I am not so into the loafers version as I saw someone wore it in Orchard Road. Call me selfish, but I hate when I saw someone use the thing I want to buy or the things I have!

 Feel that My Christmas Presents' list is gonna be a super long. I just need a lot of bucks to get all of them!

Dad, umm please?

School is keeping us to pay for a lot and lots of things and seriously I need the money to shop kay? stop asking us to pay those thing which actually don't even cost so expensive! 
money sucker!

 and congrats for ZETfashion for winning the Lanvin x H&M trailer video!
click here to watch! 


 anyway, went to Warehouse ION today to look for some nice dress for my sister and turned out to be the sale items are not nice at all and the sizes are OMG damn Huge!

couldn't wait for Lanvin x H&M collection to be released soon!  

Today Obsession! Bag and Bag!

"Proenza Schouler"
Large Leather PS1 in Black
 retail for $1,995 from Barney.com
I couldn't say anything beside "I WANT THIS FOR CHRISTMAS!" the leather and the size are just nice! couldn't resist to get it! 

mum, please?


sorry for the lack of update but I promise you all that I will sure post a lot when I am back home in Indonesia! Just couldn't wait anymore for the end of year holiday!

Anyway, have you heard about the half price sale in warehouse, topshop, topman, river island? 

I couldn't wait to share with you my new babies! 

and today, I just attended the grooming course! *not how to groom okay! but we learn how on what color that suit us better (mine is winter colors) , how the way to sit properly, how to walk, and I feel its something like John Robert Powers! We had lots of fun!

11 October 2010

because you are amazing

some acoustic videos just to tell you that I don't need you to change..

the official video:

I don't need you to change, as you are amazing just the way you are..

*ps, change all the she to you, her into you


anyway what did you do to spent your 10.10.10 10:10?

I was sleeping at that time ;) 

2 October 2010

Lanvin Spring Ready to Wear 2011

they are just so flowy and can you feel how soft are the materials? 
thumbs up for Alber Elbaz.!

photo courtesy of style.com

and deepest condolences for the passing of Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew, Mdm. Kwa Geok Choo in the age of 89 today.
 May She rest in Peace. May God Bless the family.

till we meet again!


1 October 2010

Because GOD saves the Queen!

So here it is!

"Alexander McQueen Resort 2011"


Sarah Burton proved she's the only choice to expand on Lee McQueen's legacy with a Resort collection that effortlessly updated his design codes without losing his drama.

source: style.com

Sitting for papers have been killing me! seriously! getting away from computer are just as hard as staying away from foods. something the hungriness of getting updated with whats new!

and forcing myself to sleep as early as possible so when I don't fall asleep during class is starting to be a habit now as I need to concentrate in this last lap of the race!

Wish me luck!
 recently, I feel that when I am down, there are so much supports out there and I realize sometimes people who doesn't really know me, support me well rather than my old friends!
not all maybe, but yeah! they are almost gone from my life and just left to be some memories!

Well, people change, so do I!
No one remains the same. 
that's the reason why I love photos!
as when the people change, the photos don't!
I bet you don't want to read anymore so just ended up here with this red gown from McQ!

In case you didn't manage to catch the news,

Lalita from LALITA TIAN
is giving away a "Sou Brette Neckpiece"
 just fyi, Sou Brette is an accessories line made by Indonesian, and their designs are just so cool and creative!

 doesn't know how to join? simply click HERE!

and what's will be good to go together with a necklace? 
a BRACELET from Emily Ma from em.me.ma

 and another simple steps to follow HERE!

so, till me weet again!